Sunday, October 21, 2007

1) Slug:
college choices
2) Section of newspaper story would appear (no Op-Ed):NEWS FEATURES CULTURE SPORTS
3) What are the most dominant news elements in the story? Explain in-depth:

element#1____________Proximity_____________ Why?News The story would be written about seniors at and around Edina and the deciding factors that go into choosing a college.

element#2_____________Localization____________ Why?News While there are seniors around the country deciding which college to attend, this story would be about the people around Edina and why they are going where they are.

4) In a few sentences, describe what the story will be about:
How seniors decide which colleges to attend. Whether it is for athletics, academics, religion, race or other activities (theater, band).

5) Specifically, who will you interview or contact? Why those people?

____________Patrick Michielutti_____________ Why? He is a senior at Edina High School still choosing what college he wants to go to. A male perspective from EHS would be important.

_____________Stephanie Davis____________ Why? She is a senior at Minnetonka High School and the story would have a female perspective of what's important in a college as well as someone outside of Edina.

____________Dane Moore_____________ Why? He is a male senior at Hopkins High School and the story would now have multiple perspectives of the important things looked for in colleges by seniors.

6) What information do you need to gather before you begin interviews?

The colleges in which my interviewees are interested and what special aspects does this college or university have.

7) What questions do you definitely need answered in your interviews? Why?
What made you choose the college you did?
What are some of the things you are considering in a college?

8) What photo opportunities are available to go alongside this story (give names, places, times, etc.)?
Possibly the people in the story...
9) Who should a photographer contact to set up photographs?
Patrick Michielutti, Steph Davis, Dane Moore
10) What concerns or problems do you foresee in getting this story together?
Time to interview all three students because two of them don't attend Edina.
11) Other information?

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