Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Soda and Powerade

I don't have much to vent about our school other than getting rid of soda and most notably Powerade. I won't lie, I love Powerade and my favorite is Mountain Blast. I love it with my lunches. It tastes better than water and I like to drink it more than water with my food. I can understand why the school district got rid of soda because it is loaded with sugar and other bad things for your body but shouldn't the students be able to discipline themselves so they don't drink too much soda? I guess I can only hope that the district brings these beverages back for future classes and for now we'll have to suffer.


Mr. Hatten said...

Phil: I think you'll survive without a pop machine on campus, but the issue of the machines being taken out is certainly a big issue around here. Nice job setting up the blog.

GermanChris said...

I totally agree. I love powerade myself, it tastes way better than water with lunch. Good article.

Tom said...

This is a hot issue this year at EHS! Personally I don't drink soda or Poweraid at all, so it doesn't really effect me. I do have a stance, though. Why don't we work to educate students through better health education and then leave the students to make the decision? After all, that's real life! Also looking at the number of machines and removing some might have been another solution.