Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In this Zephyrus newspaper there were many different types of articles. I thought the front page was pretty well put together. In my opinion the article above the fold, MNDOT and I-35W bridge, was fairly well written. The lede was not the best because it doesn’t really get the reader thinking and he speaks of his own mind. The second sentence has two questions but they aren’t a yes or no question, which is good, these questions also get the readers attention to what the rest of the article will be about.

In the article below the fold on the front page, helping for Thanksgiving, the lede isn’t as well written. The lede uses the “John Lennon” imagine. The writer could have used a different way of painting the picture for the reader instead of saying imagine. The rest of the sentence does a good job of putting that picture inside the readers mind. I think this article is pretty interesting because it tells the readers of Edina High School how they can help out those who are less fortunate during the Thanksgiving and Holliday season.Overall there are a couple news stories that i think are a little unnecessary.

For starters there are two articles about Camel cigarettes. While one is about the way they have started to market to females more and the other is about the health risks of smoking, I think that they stories could have maybe been added together. It would make the most sense to have only published the article about they way cigarettes are marketed to females and then include the health risks along with them possibly breaking the laws of targeting minors. The picture in the article "Camel to the 9th" is completely unnecessary and pointless. The picture interrupts the article and just looks like a black stick, because there is no contrast with the ink in the picture. It makes the article look like they didn't have enough space so they threw in the all black cigarette.

I thought the "Sensual Confessions of a Teenage Zephyrus Date" slideshow of pictures was pretty funny because I know the two students in the pictures, but if somebody who didn't know the students just saw it, I could see how they thought it was stupid because it didn't really provide anything to the readership as a whole.

The "Got illegal tunes?" article below the fold on the second page was very interesting. The article did use a survey of 122 students, which is an O.K. size of sample audience but in high school news papers the writers should avoid using surveys and polls because many times the one doing the survey doesn't get a large enough sample audience or an equal showing of all the students. The article also relates to a news story outside of edina, which is well done because it shows that downloading illegal music does have consequences.

Overall, I thought that Zephyrus was pretty well put together, but some stories were repetative. The ledes in a couple stories could use work, but for the most part, the stories are informative and interesting to the Edina High School audience.

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Mr. Hatten said...

Be specific in your analysis and make sure you proofread your blog before you publish (or go back and edit later). There are misspellings and sentences that don't quite make sense. I loved your reference to the don't do a John Lennon lede lecture I gave. That one made me smile.